Bayview Cottage

Bayview Cottage
Our family has carved out a wonderful life in the coastal community of Milbridge, Maine, and now we can share a slice of this world with you. Are you looking for quiet, an ocean view, hiking to amazing vistas, opportunities to walk along the beach, collect sea glass, build a campfire, gaze at the Milky Way, and play? Maybe you enjoy bird watching, whale watching, kayaking, or lake swimming. Bay View might be just your cup of tea. Surrounded by fields of blueberries, cranberries, and lots of romping room for you and your dog friends, our cottage overlooks Pigeon Hill Bay and Bois Bubert Island, a National Wildlife refuge. The town offers a movie theater, pharmacy, restaurants, a museum, and more. McClellans Park calls Milbridge home, spring fed lakes are nearby, and the Narraguagus River meets the ocean here. Our kayaks are yours for the day and we offer a complimentary lobster dinner to our guests.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Two of our favorite sand beaches!

Corea, Maine, a 15 minute drive from Bayview, is home to a beautiful white sand beach.  As children we would pack a picnic lunch and drive to Schoodic Point.  We always packed our bathing suits and planned a visit to this beach.    Check out this virtual tour:

Our all time favorite sand beach is without a doubt…Roque Bluffs.  This beach is part of the Maine State Park attractions and is further Downeast from Bayview…about a 30 minute drive.  Something about this beach attracts us, even on foggy mornings or drizzly days, we're drawn to the peace and beauty of this special place.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Peep Away and Procreate to Your Little Hearts' Contents

Today, Sunday, Barry and I continued to tidy up outside and enjoy a spring day.   In Maine many of us who live in wide open spaces have a bit of work to do in April and May.  Branches of silver poplar are scattered across the lawn.  The lawns are greening and green more quickly if we can rake them free and clear.  We gathered up some rotting cedar fencing posts and tossed those on the "big burn pile."  Of course, before burning this pile we call our local fire chief for a burn permit.  No problem and today was perfect for a big burn…a bit drizzly and barely a SW breeze.  Righting the bird bath basins, sweeping the driveway, bringing back the patio furniture, and flipping the picnic tables are included in the clean up.  Year after year it's quite predictable what needs doing to greet the months of outside living.  New this year is a purchase of a Mosquito Magnet device.  Some have seen their first black flies so it's time to set that up too.  Speaking of flies, our friends the peep frogs are here and their chorus of evening song is out of this world glorious.  These little amphibians are carnivores and love to eat black flies and mosquitoes!  Yay!  Peep away and procreate to your little hearts' contents!    Have you heard these tiny tree frogs sing…the males are the first…calling out to the females.

Here is a link to an audio and info about our spring peepers: